Discover the main features of Space Designer 3D

Space Designer 3D is more than a simple web application. Our team of experts develops the application in an agile environment, and they respond to multiple rounds of user feedback. The result is a powerful yet compact platform that allows visionaries to define and custom-design virtual spaces.


Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar of Space Designer 3D

The Navigation bar groups different shortcuts and functionnalites related to your account and your project.

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Properties Panel

Properties Panel of an Item, Wall, Opening or Room

The Properties Panel shows the properties and settings of an item, wall, opening or room.

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Design Tools Section

Drawing and Annotation Tools for Floor Plans

The Design Tools Section contains the Drawing and Annotation Tools. They will help you draw and annotate your drawing and space as needed.

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Furnish Section

Interior Design Catalog

The Furnish Section includes all the furniture included in Space Designer 3D, grouped by categories. You can also use the Search Bar to look for a specific item.

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Upload Section

Upload an Existing Floor Plan

You can upload a plan to draw over it if you already have one and wish to see it in 3D. Your plan can be used to suit your needs since there are different options available.

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Print Section

Take a Snapshot of your Floor Plan

The Print section allows you to take a snapshot of your 2D floor plan and to download it on your computer for your personal use.

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Configuration Section

Configuration Section and Settings

You can configure your own settings regarding your plan, such as its name, its Unit System or wall thickness as well as the visibility of your items or the opacity of your floor.

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Sunlight Configuration

Natural lighting

Edit your GPS position and time of the day to see the natural lighting change on your floor plan.

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Create a Room

Draw A Floor Plan

Every project begins with four walls - But how to draw them?

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Delete a Room

Delete a Room on a Floor Plan

Unwanted room? Delete it with a click of the mouse.

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Delete Walls

Delete Walls on a Floor Plan

Delete walls easily, without even needing a hammer.

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Resize a Room

Resize a Room on a Floor Plan

Change the dimensions of a room to make it fit your needs.

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Create an Outdoor Surface

Add a Garden or Terrace to your Floor Plan

Whether it is a garden, a terrace or a balcony, create any outdoor surface you like.

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Create Openings

Place Openings on a Floor Plan

Add windows, doors or other openings easily.

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Add Dimensions

Add Dimensions to a Floor Plan

Show your projects dimensions and add custom ones.

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Add Levels

Add Levels to a Floor Plan

Add as many storeys as you need to create the project you want.

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Divide a Wall

Divide a wall in several parts on a floor plan

Divide a wall in smaller walls to edit them individually.

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Upload a Background

Floor Plan Upload Options

Upload an existing floor plan and adjust its settings.

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Scale your Floor Plan

Scale a Floor Plan

Your imported floor plan is not at the right dimensions? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

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Draw over your Floor Plan

Draw Over a Floor Plan

If you have an existing floor plan, you can easily draw over it with Space Designer 3D.

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Create an Outdoor Terrace

Create an outdoor terrace in 3D

Learn how to create an outdoor terrace, from the flooring to the furnishing.

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Add a Corner

Divide a Wall on a Floor Plan

Divide a wall or create a new one using the Corner Tool.

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Add Furniture

Add Furniture to a Floor Plan

Browse through our catalog and pick the design of your choice.

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Edit and Move Furniture in 3D

Edit and move furniture in 3D view

Adjust the position of your furniture in 3D.

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Change Wall Material

Change Wall Materials of 3D House

Customize your wall material to make your project feels like home.

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Change Floor Material

Change Floor Materials of 3D House

Pick your favourite floor material within a large variety of parquetry, tiles, carpets, stones and concretes!

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Add two textures on a wall

Add two wall textures on a single wall

Choose a side and apply a wall material.

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Change Materials

List of available parquetry on Space Designer 3D

Change the color, saturation, brightness and opacity of flooring and wall materials.

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Group Selection

Select multiple items at once with the Group Selection Tool

Select several items at once with the Group Selection Tool.

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Primitive Shapes

Use primitive shapes in a floor plan

Use primitive shapes to create everything you want, from furnishings to decor.

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Room Labels

Label Style Options to show on the floor plan

Give names to your rooms with room labels.

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Item Label

Label menu for items

Add a label to your items as you would place a tag.

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3D Walk

Walk Inside a 3D House

The 3D Walk allows you to get a glimpse of what your project would look like in real life.

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3D Global

View Above a 3D House

Discover your project in a new angle with the 3D Global view.

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2D Plan + Camera

2D Floor Plan View

Draw your project in 2D and master to positioning of the camera.

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Take a HD Snapshot

Take Snapshot of Floor Plan

Take High Definition snapshots and save them online and/or on your computer.

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Embedding Options

Embed 3D House

Embed your project in your website to let people see your work.

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Share your Work via Email

Share Floor Plan by Email

Share your project with others through email.

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Share on Facebook

Share Floor Plan On Facebook

Share your project with your friends and family on Twitter.

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Share on Twitter

Share Floor Plan on Twitter

Tweet your project on Twitter to share it with your followers.

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Print to scale

Print Floor Plan To Scale

How to correctly print your project to scale, using an external software such as Adobe Photoshop.

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Mobile Version

Mobile Version

Walk through your project on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

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