Space Designer Features

Draw, furnish and visualize your projects in 3D within minutes

Realistic Lighting Simulation

Natural light plays a major role in architecture. Space Designer 3D now simulates the position of the sun and casts light on a project, depending on the GPS location and time of the day.

Released in June 2018.

Rendering Engine

The rendering engine turns Space Designer 3D projects into photorealistic images with a single click by using the computer power. A high-quality image takes between twenty minutes and an hour to be ready. Lighting and shadows are calculated and included in the rendered project to add realism to the image.

Coming in July 2019.


Projects are visible from basement to roof in 3D, with no limitation in height or size. Levels are editable independently through the 2D floor plan visualization and combined in 3D to display the project in its entirety.

Released in March 2017.


While designing a project, there are multiple choices to make regarding the floor plan drawing or interior design. To easily compare these choices and improve the user experience, Space Designer 3D includes different versions of a single project, allowing a quick switch between several designs.


Link your e-commerce system to your Space Designer 3D application to automatically export a shopping cart containing all products used in a floor plan and turn your visitors to customers with no extra work.

Released in June 2018.


To increase the speed of the furnishing process, the application suggests similar furniture when clicking on an item. Space Designer 3D automatically browses the product catalog to detect good replacements for the selected item and displays them in a new window. If the user clicks on one of these alternatives, it will replace the original product on the floor plan.

Released in September 2017.


Space Designer 3D includes a parametric tool to create any roof within seconds. The offset, angle, and material of the roof are customisable. It is also possible to create gable or flat roofs. To speed up the designing process, the automatic creation tool creates a roof over the last level of any project, following the wall drawing of the level below.

Released in May 2017.